Every business deserves
a professional website
Every organization deserves
a professional website

Affordable entry point,
Limitless possibilities

A website is the front door to every business, and the only door that is open 24/7. Whether it’s 2 a.m. or a holiday, a website provides potential clients, customers, patients and viewers with the information they need to make an informed decision about interacting with your brand. 

Many companies claim to have easy-to-manage and design websites, but let’s face it, most of the time you’d prefer to run your business than learn how to design a website. Let us help you design your website so you can focus on getting your business moving forward. 

Choose one of our WordPress templates and let us do the work. Within a short time, you’ll have a secure, professional website that is optimized to work on desktops, tablets and phones, and you’ll be the owner of the site (other companies won’t let you own your site). Once the work is done you have the option to make content updates on your own, or let us take care of it for you. The bottom line is we want your brand to succeed, and the easiest way to do that is by having a safe, working and inviting website.

Oh, did we mention we’re local? That’s right, we’re based in the U.S. and are real people who will answer the phone when called (or will call you back if we’re on the other line). By using EasySites4You, you’re supporting another small business.

Is an Easy Site right for you?

Select your style

Companies using Easy Sites

Don't be caught with an insecure website

All Easy Sites include an SSL certificate, which increases your SEO with top browsers like Google and MS Edge. 

Here's whats included...plus more

Branded colors

You OWN the site

SSL certificate

Daily backups

Branded domain

Monthly maintenance

Mobile optimized

Licensed stock images

Connect social

Start building your business!

How it works

We will help you build your site in as few as five steps. 

Choose your template

Browse our gallery of templates and choose which design and aesthetic best suites your personality and brand.

Buy your Domain

We encourage our clients to own their website, and part of this means you also own your domain, or the URL. If you haven't already done so, purchase your domain and then we connect it to your new site.

Submit your content

This step is critical. Once you've chosen a template and placed your deposit, you will be asked to submit your logo, text, images and schedule a 30-minute consultation with a member of our team to review everything. Building cannot begin until content is submitted.

We assemble the pieces

Once all the content is collected we will put the pieces together and send you a link to review and approve your new website. Edits can be made if needed.

Turn on the site

Once the site is turned on, we will take care of monthly security updates and maintenance, daily backups and ensuring your site runs safely and effectively.

Ready to get started?


  • Easy site $600

    Includes three pages: Homepage, contact page and about page. The website will follow the look and feel of the chosen template. This is a partly-customized website. The site will include your logo and brand colors.

  • Down payment $200

    The total cost for an Easy Site is $600, but we require a down payment of $400, which is due when you select your site design. The remaining $300, plus any extras, is due when the site goes live.

  • Hosting $60/month*

    Every Easy Site is hosted on our dedicated servers, which are updated, backed up and maintained each day. *All Easy Sites are required to host with us for a minimum of 12 months from the time the website is turned on; payment is set up through automatic withdraw.


  • Additional pages $100

    We'd be happy to add additional easy pages to your site that follow the same template style. Additional pages can include: a gallery, services, testimonials, pricing, projects, etc.)​

  • Logo $350

    Our beautiful logos are designed by experienced, talented Graphic Artists who love creating logos to build your brand. Logo Package includes brand guide, vector art, white and reverse logo and popular file types.

  • Custom site Contact us

    If an easy site does not fit your needs. Please contact us about a customized website. Easy sites are not designed for e-commerce, so a customized website would be required. ​

Why let us build your website?

5 Reasons to Hire Easy Sites 4 You

We will help you build your site in as few as five steps. 


We are a U.S.-based, women-owned, small business. By using us, you will always have a local, English speaker available for support and to answer questions.

Personal Contact

We value all of our clients, and believe organizations of all sizes deserve a website that runs properly, is secure and easy to use. We promise to always be here if there are questions or concerns.

Private Servers

All websites are hosted on servers, but we own our servers, which means only sites we build are hosted on them. By doing this, we drastically reduce our clients' risk for intrusion or hackers.

You Own The Site

We may design and host your website, but you are the owner. This is a big deal because if for any reason you wish to move the site to another host, you can do so because you own it. But, we must remind you that all Easy Sites 4 You are required to host with us for a minimum of 12 months.

Track record

We have more than 30 years combined experience in website design, marketing, public relations and graphic design. We've built sites that rank #1 on Google in their respective categories. We know what it takes to build and maintain SEO that makes browsers happy.

Your website is open 24/7.
Let us make the front door look inviting.

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