The Easy Sites 4 You Team

Heather Simpson

Owner & Founder

Meet Heather

Originally a systems engineer at ATA Airlines, Heather has more than 17 years of experience building websites & providing great solutions for small business and non-profit organizations. She loves partnering with small businesses and non-profit organizations to share their story and help them realize their goals!

Laura Barnard

Owner & Founder

Meet Laura

Laura brings more than 15 years of integrated communications knowledge to the table, with experience in public relations, media relations (both business-to-business and business-to-consumer), newsletter production, email marketing, writing, graphic design, political campaigns, strategic planning and nonprofit management. Her background includes working with Fortune 500 companies, all sizes of nonprofit organizations (501c3 and 501c6), and small and medium-sized businesses.

In addition to years of valuable work experiences, Laura earned her bachelor’s in journalism and master’s in public relations from Indiana University, and maintains her membership and accreditation in public relation (APR) with the Public Relations Society of America.

The Support Team


Garb is a retired professional athlete who competed in the 550 yard dash at the greyhound racetrack in Daytona, Florida. He averaged more than 31 mph during his 45-race career, but he now enjoys daily walks with his family to and from the bus stop and anything made with peanut butter. In his role as receptionist, he energetically welcomes guests and clients to the office.

Lead Security Officer

Our lead security office tirelessly defends the office and naps quite a bit. He is always happy to greet visitors and accepts treats with grace and gratitude.

Social Media Intern

Jasper is our sharp social media intern who is sure to tell us when he’s hungry, thirsty or needs a trip outside. He really enjoys giving cuddles, playing catch, disrupting work, and destroying stuffed animals. We are excited to have Jasper on our team and know he will always be adorable and sometimes helpful.

With dogs on staff, why wouldn't you want us to build your website?

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