I’m on Facebook. Why do I need a website?

I have a Facebook Business page, do I need a website too? This is a question I hear a LOT – no surprise – my answer is always YES! A Facebook Page is not a website. Facebook is a great platform that you should take advantage but counting on them to share information with all or your customers has limitations. This article has a pretty good explanation of what Facebook CAN and CAN’T do.

Do you even need a website anymore?

It’s something a lot business owners are now asking themselves. Thanks to the increasing sophistication of social media platforms, building online relationships with prospects is now easier than ever before. As reported by Ad Week, there are now more than 40 million active small business pages on Facebook.

Over the past several years, the social platform has continually introduced new upgrades focused on keeping users from leaving the site. If you have ever tried to share a Facebook-hosted video with a non-Facebook user, you have experienced this phenomena. The video has no “home” outside of Facebook, meaning your friend must visit the social network to watch it (whether they have an account or not).

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The company also now gives higher “organic weight” to content consumed on its own site, as opposed to links that send users away from Facebook. A video uploaded straight to Facebook, for instance, will get a significant organic boost over a video link pasted from YouTube.

And other platforms are following suit. So, do you really need that website?

Business Website vs. Facebook Page: Which is Best?

It may sound tempting, but don’t drop your company website just yet. If you’re going to have marketing success in the age of platforms, you’re going to need your website to be a hub for all of them.


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